Hey guys, my name is Wesley Summers. I have spent the last 3 years of my life exploring the vertical world, i.e., rock cilmbing! I first started what would be a life changing sport at my local indoor climbing gym. This is a place indoors where the walls mimic the natural features of the great outdoor cliffs such as Yosemite National Park. I quickly excelled at the sport and found myself instructing people on such things as Top Roping, Bouldering, Knot Tying, and Safety. Recently, I have further grown as a rock climber and have taken my sport to new heights: Outside! Words cannot express how great it is to be outdoors on the rocks and being an example and inspiration to the climbing community. I hope to continue to make everyone proud, and share my gift of rock climbing to the world!

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22 thoughts on “About

  1. If you check back on the MountainProject thread you will see that it appears you have been found out, but sir, my hat is off. This blog is beyond Onion quality.


  2. Dude, you need to educate before you get yourself or someone else hurt. There is so much bad advice on here that I don’t even know where to start.


  3. Though I appreciate a good climbing satire, please admit your trolling to your fellow climbers. This blog is hilarious, especially the post about your first 12. But seriously you should refrain from posting misinformation involving anything to do with safety, because it seems as if some readers are taking this blog to be a legitimate source of advice. And if this isn’t a joke, then that makes me very sad and you are a very sad person who should stop blogging.

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  4. Wes, since you’re crushing it outdoors, when are we going to get a blog on trad climbing and some big wall stuff? I’m pretty new, and your blog is my best resource for information!


  5. “being an example and inspiration to the climbing community”
    ahahahahh, men you are so funny.

    For you climbing community consists of the very little community around you and your last blog you already treat some as you are superior (shirtless gym rat, shiny quickdraws, eat Cliff bar only into hard alpine like Ueli and myself does).

    Expand your frontiers


  6. English isnt a language I really master.

    But I had an amazing time reading your blog and will be back for sure.

    Please delete my previous comments and keep up with your writing.


  7. I find it interesting that a guy with a climbing blog misspelled the word “climbing.”
    Hope you take a little more care and pay a little more attention on other things.


      • Top rope a lot, as in “project” a lot, as you have defined projecting? Yeah, I bet he’s an awesome climber, who spends months marking every hand and foot hold with pounds of chalk, leaving his rope on the route the entire time, until he finally “onsights” it, and immediately climbs it again to “flash” it!


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  9. So much butt-hurt in this blog. Remember people, angers leads to hate… which leads to the dark side… which leads to Patagucci.

    I’ve been climbing for 15 years and thought I knew what I was doing until I read this blog. I am getting rid of all my climbing stuff tomorrow and starting anew, afresh, a-enlightened.


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