Iran, and I ran.

Recently, I found out that Iran will be building a new mega climbing gym:


This is awesome! I’ve never quite seen anything like it before, and I’ve been to literally DOZENS of climbing gyms. I think this is great. Since there is no rock climbing in the middle east, I feel like building these giant climbing gyms will finally bring in some much needed tourist dollars to the war torn region. And best of all, gives us climbers a reason to travel to the middle east, since as we all know, we can’t go anywhere unless we know there’s climbing nearby!

I for one, am looking forward to checking out Iran’s route setting!

See you there!

7 thoughts on “Iran, and I ran.

  1. I for one have always been shocked at the paucity of climbing gyms in the notoriously flat middle east, especially Iran. For being one of the oldest surviving cultures it is surely deserving of a good network of climbing gyms. There is no better way to provide the solid base of boulderers and slackliners that such a worthy civilization needs to solidify its standing among the truly great civilizations.


    • Iran is covered by over 50% mountains with great walls and peaks for climbers. From 5 meter tall boulders to 5600 meter peak,if there is a place on ME to offers serious climbing, bring your gear to IRAN and establish your FA.


      • Well, after studying a world globe at the local library I was chagrined to see that anonymous is correct, Iran has mountains! You can even feel them on the globe when you run your finger over Iran. BTW Iran is not in Africa, who knew? Anyway, kudos to Iran and their noble Arabian civilization nestled in the Iranian alps.


  2. I have climbed all over the world and by far have been most impressed with Iran as a destination. The people, culture and climbing outdoes any established climbing destination anywhere on the globe, there are even route’s as hard as 5.12, that will challenge everyone and anyone. This place is like the valley, joe’s, hueco, font, ceuse, anywhere in spain, rifle, rumney, patagonia, everest, and the Niagara Glen all wrapped into one location, only harder and more bad ass than any of these other crags. The Gym scene is even better than most of those locations, without the lineups and newbies.


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